How long will it take to receive my order?

Each of our items are 100% hand made and take on average 6 hours to make. We try and have all orders out within 5 days or less from ordering. We currently have a pre made amount at present which is ensuring all orders are sent next day/ (May 2020) 

How is my item shipped?

It is shipped through standard post via An Post.

Can I get tracking on my item?

Yes, but at an additional cost. Please contact us to arrange.

Can I order bulk amounts?

Yes, please contact us privately to arrange. 

Can we get a bulk order for Christmas 2020?

Yes we think this could be possible. Please email us though as times are tricking for everyone.

Can the glasses come off my tea cost?

Yes, they slip on and off easily.

Please note that our tea cosies are a decorative piece and are not designed as a toy.